New Zealand Printer Power 50 winners

New Zealand Printer Power 50 winners
Power 50 winners

New Zealand Power 50 2018

1. Jill Cowling, Blue Star Group
2. Fred Soar, Soar Printing
3. Simon Ellis, PMP New Zealand
4. David Atkins, Image Centre Group
5. Sue Archibald, Pride In Print
6. Lawrence Evans, Redshift
7. Aidan Bennett, Benefitz
8. Sean McMahon, Southern Colour Print
9. Bernie Roberts, Webstar
10. Pat Leitch, Centurion Print
11. Milton Froggatt, McCollams Printing
12. Stephen Kale, Kale Print & Design Associates
13. Gary Furness, Crucial Colour
14. Bridget Batchelor, Caxton
15. John Boyle, Rainbow Print
16. Steve Matthews, Excel Digital
17. Katherine Williams, Printlink
18. Martin Farrand, Forbes Packaging
19. Glen Climo, Dudfield Bryce
20. Brian Landry, Rocket Print
21. Brent Goldsmid, Spectrum Print
22. Mark O’Grady, NZ Print
23. Anne-Marie Sutton, Hally Labels
24. Darren Comrie, Format Print
25. Dayne D'Souza, Wickliffe
26. Robin Bowkett, Webstar
27. Kellie Northwood, real Media Collective
27. Matt Mills, Fuzed
29. Tony Antoniadis, Oji Fibre Solutions
30. Wayne Emerson, Label & Litho
30. Craig Polley, Image Centre Group
30. Tony Sayle, Jenkins Groupo
33. Steve Shepard, PrintLounge
34. Greg Chapman, Gravure Packaging
35. Dean Oliver, Service Printers
35. Jonny Broderick, Broderick Printing & Design
37. Bruce Lees, Panda Inspire
38. Matthew Horton, Horton Media
38. Sonia Dench, Spectrrum Print
40. Ed Boyd, H&A Design and Print
41. Mike Horler, Horton Media
41. Greg Ward, PCL Group
43. Ricky Howes, Brebner Print
43. David Gick, Logick Print & Design
45. Sam Butterworth, Visy Board
45. Dickon Lentell, Wakefields
45. Andrea Thompson, Baseline
48. Ricky Baker, Stuff
48. Tony Wills, Craigs
50. Jason Pressley, Pressprint
Source: NewZealand Printer

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