Fujifilm has scored Printing United Alliance Awards for its J Press machines and runners-up honours for its Revoria Press PC1102.

The company’s J Press 750HS press and its J Press FP790 press have earned Printing United Alliance 2023 Pinnacle Awards in the Digital Press and Technology categories, respectively.

Hidetoshi ‘Toshi’ Kino, general manager, Fujifilm North America Corporation, Graphic Communication Division, says, ‘We’re proud Pinnacle has recognised two of our most advanced J Press products.

“Fujifilm’s commitment to continuous innovation shines brightly in our J Press line. We’re excited for our customers to continue to realise these benefits; not just from our J Press products, but through our full line of end-to-end solutions.”

Open to all Printing United Alliance supplier members, the Pinnacle Product Award competition evaluates products available in 2023.The judging panel evaluated the annual contest’s entries in categories spanning analogue, digital, output, and non-output technologies.

The panel judged output devices based on reports generated by measuring colour charts and then comparing them to industry specifications.

Don Schroeder, director of professional services and solutions development, Fujifilm North America Corporation, Graphic Communication Division, said, “As part of Pinnacle’s evaluation process, we provided prints that were output utilising Fujifilm’s patented Colorpath Sync Cloud Colour Management Solutions.

“The Colorpath Sync system’s optimisation technology, along with Fujifilm’s new Brand Color Optimization technology optimises the output by iterating colour profiles over a number of press runs, enabling optimal performance and output from the press.”

The winning Fujifilm presses

Fujifilm says the J Press 750S press delivers high image quality that outperforms traditional offset printing. It uses ultra-high-density and high-precision Samba printheads and aqueous pigment Vividia ink. It boasts a high-speed output of 5,400 sheets per hour.

The J Press 750HS runs at 1.5 times faster than the J Press 750S model.  Flexible mode options, designed to increase efficiency, include high-quality mode (3,600 sph) and high-performance mode (5,400 sph).

Fujifilm says the J Press FP790 press achieves both high quality print output and adheres to food packaging regulatory requirements. The company created the J Press FP790 to meet these high market demands and to facilitate a strategic and profitable packaging business.

In addition to the J Press product honours, Fujifilm’s Revoria Press PC1120 earned runner up honours in the Digital Press category. Kino says, “Having one of our most impressive Revoria toner-based products represented in these honours was especially exciting. Revoria will have a big presence this year at the Printing United Alliance tradeshow in Atlanta.”

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