Hi-Tec Ink has partnered with Coldenhove for dye sublimation solutions in an agreement which will see Hi-Tec Ink distributing Coldenhove across the country.

Coldenhove manufactures premium paper products for dye sublimation printing. Les King, general director of Hi-Tec Ink, says the new strategic alliance will ensure “a seamless supply chain for Coldenhove’s clientele”.

He says, “We are thrilled to unveil this partnership with Coldenhove. Our collaboration will offer businesses in New Zealand, and beyond, innovative, eco-conscious solutions. With our deep-rooted understanding of the local market and Coldenhove’s technologies, we are excited to deliver unmatched value to our customers.”

“This alliance brings together Hi-Tec Ink’s wealth of expertise with Coldenhove’s paper technologies, promising unparalleled quality and performance in printing solutions. Dye sublimation printing stands out for its vivid colours and versatile applications across textiles, signage, and bespoke gifts. Now, with the combined strengths of Hi-Tec Ink and Coldenhove, businesses can expect a new standard of excellence in their printing needs.

“In response to mounting environmental concerns surrounding traditional dye sublimation papers, Hi-Tec Ink commits to leveraging Coldenhove’s state of the art paper technologies. These advancements not only deliver exceptional print quality but also adhere to the highest standards of responsible production. Noteworthy is Coldenhove’s Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, a testament to its global dedication to conservation and sustainable forest management.”

Gert-Jan Breukink, senior sales executive at Coldenhove, says Coldenhove is equally eager about the joint venture. He adds, “Together, we are committed to driving innovation and sustainability, as well as ensuring our clients receive their products even faster, as we strive to exceed expectations.”

“Working alongside Hi-Tec Ink is another step towards technological advancement. Aligned in their commitment to sustainability and innovation, Hi-Tec Ink and Coldenhove are primed to lead positive change in the printing industry. This strategic partnership aims to empower businesses with superior printing solutions while embracing eco-friendly printing practices.”

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