Fujifilm Business Innovation Asia Pacific has launched new Fiery print servers and workflow software for Revoria Press EC1100, Revoria Press SC180 / SC170 and the ApeosPro C Series, expanding the printers’ capabilities to meet various applications and workflow needs.

Sales of the new Fiery print servers has already begun in the Asia-Pacific region with customers able to choose between Revoria Flow or GP Controller, Fujifilm Business Innovation proprietary print server technologies, and the Fiery print servers, allowing more options to meet their various application and workflow needs.

The new EC11 and EC12 have been developed to drive higher productivity with professional quality with the Revoria Press EC1100, a production colour printer used the high-end professional printing market of both commercial printing and quick printing.

Fiery SC11 and SC12C, available for Revoria SC180 and SC170 production printers aim to create high resolution quality prints in various document types.

AeposPro C810 / C750 / C650  production printers customers can now draw from Fiery VC11 and VC12C to improve usability and enable seamless integration across Windows and macOS business environments.

In addition, all Fiery print servers are equipped with Fiery Command WorkStation allowing a central control to all Fiery print servers, gaining operational efficiencies to increase work productivity. Its easy-to-use unified interface provides clear process visibility to customers regardless of print requirements.

The servers are now available for all Fujifilm-brand toner-based production printers including Fiery PC11 for Revoria Press PC 1120 and Fiery E11 for Revoria Press E1 series. 

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