Fujifilm will show its world’s first B2 full colour dry toner digital press at drupa 2024.

The company says its new Revoria Press GC12500 offers high production efficiency, user-friendly operation, and media versatility. It adds that the new press supports the largest size available in the current digital B2 printer market. Printing a 750mm x 662mm sheet means it delivers up to six A4-sizes in a sheet. This equates to 250 pages per minute with A4.

The new press enables small sized applications and large-format applications, such as posters. The company says that consolidating the paper feeder/stacker and machine control panel in one place significantly improves the daily work efficiency and productivity for printing operators.

Fujifilm developed the new press to enable B2 printing on demand without the need for specialised operators. It has improved maintenance capabilities and optimised routine operations to minimise downtime.

Printing on B2 paper with dry toner has presented challenges, but Fujifilm has incorporated proprietary new technology to overcome these. By developing new mechanisms for the fuser unit and developing unit, the stress on the paper during the printing process is reduced, improving image quality. Fujifilm says that, with this new technology, you can expand the maximum paper size to B2XL while also enabling automatic duplex printing on paper weights ranging from 64gsm to450 gsm.

The company adds that the Revoria Press GC12500 can produce a broad range of applications when combined with the wide media versatility inherent to dry toner.

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