from the ground up
Zünd says the revamped software answers a growing need for flexibility, scalability, and user-friendliness

Zünd has revamped its ZCC Zünd Cut Center software and user interface from the ground up.

In Version 4 (ZCC V.4), the revamped software suite offers more capabilities for flexible, automated file preparation and efficient digital cutting. Zünd says controlling the cutter via touchscreen makes for extremely intuitive and simple operation.

The company says the ZCC V.4 answers a growing need for flexibility, scalability, and user-friendliness. It supports operators with smart, intuitive digital cutting functions throughout the production workflow. Zünd says it is ideal for novices as a fast and easy introduction to digital cutting. In addition, it offers experienced users significant upgrades in file-preparation and production automation. Zünd says this ensures top quality cutting results in every situation, regardless of the experience level of the operator or the degree of automation in prepress.

The software’s modular design enables configurations tailored to specific production requirements. The user purchases only the software components they need – no more, no less. Operators can add options at any time.

ZCC Zünd Cut Center

Zünd offers ZCC in two different editions.

The basic edition suits production environments that don’t require functions such as automatic data import, job queues, or data exchange with other systems. With this version, the operator can manually convert source files into .zcc files using Cut Editor and open them as production files in Cut Center.

The advanced edition suits print providers with high order volumes and a desire to increase their productivity through workflow automation. They may have multiple Zünd Cutters in operation at the same time and need to be able to exchange data with other systems integrated in their production workflow. In the advanced edition, they have access to functions such as the job queue, information on the estimated production time, import via hot folders, and email notifications.

For both editions, they can purchase the camera option, pick and place option, visualising option, and routing option individually.

Cut Editor

Use Cut Editor to import source files and prepare them for subsequent cutting. You can run Cut Editor directly from the workstation at the cutter. You can installed it at other workstations in prepress and use it for file preparation. In addition, you can expand the capabilities of the Cut Editor with the Nesting Option. You can use this software component with both editions.

Cut Server

This provides automated data import via hot folders, data exchange with other systems such as the ERP and RIP. Also it offers an estimated production-time calculator. It handles the communication between Cut Editor and Cut Center. Other systems can connect to the Zünd Cut Server using the .zcc file format. This makes it possible to query the system for information such as materials, methods, or estimated production times. Numerous software manufacturers already offer standard integration with ZCC. This enables transferring prepared files in .zcc format.

ZCC is open to almost any import format. Zünd says this connectivity offers unparalleled flexibility and interoperability. It sees this as a key advantage in view of the many different file formats customers send.

Easy operation

Zünd says the new Cut Center offers a highly intuitive user interface and easy touchscreen operation. There is a logical progression of user inputs through the setup process. A cleanly designed user interface guides the operator through job preparation and cutter control. Automatic import can significantly reduce the number of manual entries required.

Efficient cutting

Processing parameters are stored in the material database for countless materials and predefined import settings. Zünd says this ensures the highest degree of standardisation. Standardised processes, in turn, ensure repeatability. The user benefits from economies of scale in terms of cost and productivity.

ZCC can sort jobs by material, processing method, or delivery date. Jobs involving printed materials are retrieved automatically via printed QR codes. Alternatively, for unprinted materials, the job sequence can be defined using batch processing. Also, it offers a capability to simultaneously process different jobs on the same Zünd cutting system.

Zünd has also upgraded data import into ZCC and has largely automated the handling of data. Assigning processing methods, cut-contour optimisation, metadata, materials, etc., is done though hot folders. Zünd says these ensure consistently high output quality.

Zünd offers ZCC as a perpetual licence that includes software maintenance. This offers customers all the new options and functions Zünd may release for ZCC. That includes everything from small bug fixes to extensive software updates. You can add new options without first having to purchase the latest version of ZCC.

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