a new robotic arm
At Fespa Zünd ran its G3 cutter with a new robotic arm working alongside it

Zünd has unveiled a new robotic arm at the recent Fespa expo.

The new arm can fully integrate with Zünd cutting tables to boost efficiencies.

Zünd managing director Jacob Hansen said, “The concept of this is that this is a standard table which has the robot integrated with suction caps and air and safety so you roll it up next to your cutter and it can be any of our Zünd cutters. You connect it up with a cable and you are ready to go. You don’t need to programme anything.”

The new Robot Factory innovation marks a new direction towards plug and play technology, rather than bespoke robotics. The company showed the G3 Zünd cutter with a robotic arm working alongside it. The system cuts the product and packs the pieces into boxes. Alternatively, it puts them on a pile on a table, removing labour from the process.

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