Digital press developer Xeikon has terminated its Trillium liquid toner development project, and will focus on its dry toner and new UV inkjet technology.

The liquid toner technology, demonstrated at drupa 2016 in the Trillium One press, has encountered several challenges in bringing it to market as a commercial product. As a result, the decision has been made to re-focus resources and efforts where the company can add the most value and leverage its strengths in delivering exceptional customer solutions.

Xeikon’s arch rival HP Indigo uses liquid toner, a proprietary technology that has been at the core of its presses since they were launched at the same time as Xeikon, at Ipex 24 years ago.

Benoit Chatelard, president and CEO Digital Solutions, Flint Group , which owns Xeikon –  says, “We continuously review our portfolio and we are confident the segments we operate can be well served with our current dry toner technology and the newly launched Panther UV inkjet technology. With our dry toner technology, we will continue our focus on both the packaging and document businesses, as well as specialty segments where we bring significant value including security printing and wall décor,” stated.

Chatelard pointed out that Xeikon has positioned itself as a technology-agnostic provider, advising customers as to the most appropriate technology for their needs. “Changing market dynamics but mainly ongoing technical issues in developing the liquid toner technology, including press uptime issues, encouraged us to take this difficult decision, and to communicate it to the marketplace in the straightforward, no-nonsense approach we have always taken,” he added. “Our core vision remains supporting high volume, high quality, high value business for our customers in the graphic arts market and security printing.”

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