Xeikon has put the final pieces in place for its third Xeikon Café Packaging Innovations event, which takes place March 28-31.
The company has announced the full details of its large-scale business and technical programmes as well as a schedule of live production of key digital print applications aimed at helping visitors to determine the right strategy for their business in digital production.
Over 40 industry suppliers will join forces to show end-to-end solutions for to 30 live digital production demonstrations of labels and packaging. Filip Weymans, vice president of marketing at Xeikon, says, “A tremendous amount of effort has gone into preparing the third edition of the Xeikon Café Packaging Innovations 2017. The highly educational technical and business presentations of the latest innovations and trends, motivational speakers, and the extensive, diverse range of live label and packaging demonstrations are designed to deliver exceptional value to printers and converters, both to those experienced and those new to the world of digital production.”
The business conference will introduce a number of highly experienced speakers, including keynote speaker Rafi Albo, sharing information about trends and technological advancements in the digital printing market. It will run daily and will also end daily with an interactive talk show where speakers will discuss topics of the day and answer questions from the audience.
The technical conference also runs daily covering technical aspects in self-adhesive labelling, paper cups, leaflets, in-mould labelling, folding carton, heat transfer labelling, PDF standards, wraparound labels, flexible packaging, and wet-glue labelling, including a session on food safety and one on the latest GWG PDF standards.
Live production of end-to-end digital applications in labels and packaging will cover pPrint quality, embellishments, challenging substrates, anti-counterfeiting, food safety, and diversity and localisation of products are just a few key aspects that will be highlighted in the applications.
Click here for a list of the live applications and supporting Xeikon Café partners throughout each workflow chain, or visit http://www.xeikoncafe.com/en/about#what
Weymans adds, “Raising awareness of new potentials digital printing can offer, is the main focus of the Xeikon Café. It is the place to hear about the latest trends in labels and packaging, and discover what the future holds. The only question that remains is: are you ready to go digital?” 

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