Women's Print Herstory month
The initiative takes place during Women's History Month

March has received the designation Women’s Print Herstory month from industry organisations Girls Who Print and the Printerverse.

The initiative takes place during Women’s History Month to align the telling of stories that empower. It encourages the “fierce fabulous females of print, as well as young women and students entering the industry or considering print as a career”.

Girls Who Print launched Women’s Print Herstory month in 2019. This year, it calls on women in the industry to share their career and success stories. They can do this on social media using the hashtag #PrintHerstoryMonth.

Deborah Corn, Girl #1 at Girls Who Print, says, “Women’s Print Herstory Month has never been more important. The pandemic is disproportionately removing women from the global workforce. Staying visible, celebrating our presence and successes loudly in a male-dominated field, is up to us.

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Deborah Corn

“Everyone can show their support by following the #PrintHerstoryMonth hashtag stream and engaging with the content. A ‘like’ or a reshare or a retweet is an acknowledgement that the achievements of women in print matter.

“This mission is also a call to action to global businesses across all segments of the print industry to seize this opportunity. They can put the incredible female leaders who manage teams, develop technology, and shatter sales targets in their companies front and centre. They can share the incredible achievements of women in print with the world.

Encouraging engagement

“There are no limitations when it comes to how to engage with Women’s Print Herstory Month. Participants can create or share content that celebrates the amazing women in the industry. They can send it out through social media using the hashtag #PrintHerstoryMonth.

“If you are in need of content, GirlsWhoPrint.net is creating a library of Q&A blog posts with community members. Podcasts From The Printerverse has a Girls Who Print podcast series. Plus, many of the industry organisations around the world have ‘Women in Print’ initiatives worth highlighting and sharing.”

Corn adds print shops can also set examples for their communities, especially for workforce development, by participating in #PrintHerstoryMonth.

Kelly Mallozzi, Girl #2 at Girls Who Print, adds, “Simply put, you need to tell them, and we need to hear them.

“Leading by example and celebrating women and the value they bring to print businesses has never been more critical to the future of the industry and our ability to attract younger generations to it.”

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