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Esko's WebCenter 20 includes new and additional support for end to end color workflow

Esko has unveiled WebCenter 20, the latest version of its web based packaging platform for packaging management and collaboration.

Roman Stepchuck, product manager at Esko, says, “With WebCenter 20.0, we set out with a goal of making prepress processes considerably faster while delivering a 25 per cent increase in performance. I am delighted to say we have succeeded.”

WebCenter 20.0 includes new and additional support for end to end color workflow for brands and their suppliers. Brand owners can create color specifications directly in WebCenter and communicate them to their printers, who use ColorCert software from X-Rite to report a scorecard of the final production.

Stepchuck says, “We have also introduced an ‘Ad Hoc Approver’ function. Users can now send a file for approval to recipients who are not WebCenter users. In WebCenter 20, you can send files directly to an external email address. They can be forwarded on to other parties for approval, depending on permissions. This saves countless valuable lost hours in the approval process.”

Intuitive experience

Paul Land, product manager at Esko, says, “We wanted to make the user experience more intuitive and personalised. We have essentially designed the latest version of WebCenter to make your workflow more intuitive than ever before.

“With WebCenter 20.0, we have introduced a new dashboard where users can create a personalised view of their activities. We are now enabling users to switch on and off individual features. This will simplify and tailor the experience, ensuring they have easy access and navigation to all the information relevant to them in one place.”

Esko has introduced avatars to make the experience more personal. Operators can access and edit all their files from the new single dashboard page. Lund adds, “From a user experience perspective, integration with the interactive tools packaging professionals use on a daily basis is also important. WebCenter was already compatible with Adobe Illustrator. With the new ‘WebCenter Tasks Plugin’, WebCenter 20.0 is also compatible with InDesign and Photoshop. In just a few clicks, users can open, edit and upload changes, significantly streamlining the entire process.”

Other new modules include ‘Cloud Archiving’, providing almost limitless storage and freeing up valuable space for businesses, and ‘Interactive Text Compare’, a new software tool which checks copy against core data ensuring no issues arise when copying files across.

Available now, WebCenter 20.0 is free to Esko Software Care Plan customers.

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