Automation holds the key to greater profits for printing companies in New Zealand, according to recent visitor Hitoshi Tanaka representing Japanese printing solutions company Nikka.  
Tanaka, deputy general manager of overseas operations, visited the country as a guest of Nikka supplier Cyber New Zealand. He says, “One of our most popular solutions is our automatic blanket washing system. We already have several of these installed here. With this system, there is no hesitation; the job runs instantly.”
The wash system works for presses using conventional inks as well as LED and HUV. Tanaka says, “The system can be retrofitted to most presses. Some have wet and some have dry.”

The washcloth for such  units are used and supplied by Cyber and are available to fit all existing units such as the Baldwin units fitted to the Ryobi. Cyber stock these items at present on 1050-920-750-520 presses.
The company also supplies powder spray extraction units. Tanaka says, “We install the unit on the paper delivery section of the press. Reducing the powder provides several benefits, including reducing the cleaning frequency around the press and environmental considerations.”
David Taylor, general manager of Cyber New Zealand, says the environmental friendliness of the technology has impressed locals. He says, “The environmental controls in Japan are among the most strict in the world. The quality control for the wash cloths is of the highest standard, using nonhazardous chemicals unlike some other imported products.”
“Nikka has a number of solutions that fit well in the local print industry and we are happy to take printers through the range. We are hoping to have some of the technology on display at PacPrint in Melbourne next May.”

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