The latest VoPP Mag, The Direct Issue, has showcased print’s latest technologies with distinctive covers, customised advertisements, personalised messages, fluorescent ink and individual codes, to name but a few of the bells and whistles; all providing members with a valuable tool to highlight print innovation.

Putting words into action is a key focus of the VoPP campaign. To emphasise the creative opportunities presented by current printing technologies, we partnered with our members and built a true reflection of the content within the pages. It was amazing to see how well it was received. People were pushing their personalised covers across LinkedIn, sending photos of thanks, and more. Print is cross channel and this proves it.

Real Media Collective personally wrote 1697 messages to recipients from within the industry to its creative agency and retailer contacts. It developed 10,000 specific QR codes with matching PURLs that linked to customised online surveys across four key streams: newbies, members, non members and agencies. The PURLs from the QR codes were able to be tracked and, as they were scanned by the readers, specific questions were asked based on the specific QR code. Not only was each front cover completely distinctive, there were 5,000 customised B2 posters inserted that promoted the key statistics of print.

Sponsored by member companies Bambra, HP, XmPie and Spicers, this was a collaboration that invested in production being pushed to its limits, and the team has earned the accolades. 

John Wanless, managing director of Bambra Press, says, “Spot colours on digital, and offset for that matter, are not always thought of, or are considered expensive. However, this is not always the case and fluorescent inks can really stand out. The poster was a terrific example of how you can stick to two colours and use the colours to create that wow factor.”

Harry Pagoulatos, marketing and business development manager at Spicers, provided paper with the key match being a stock range across a digital cover and offset text pages. Splendorgel was selected and each Spicers advertisement was versioned, exploring the range as well as the paper’s ability to manage colour, ink coverage and quality.

Michelle Lees, marketing manager for Graphics Solutions Business APAC, HP, says, “The HP Indigo 10000 digital press, in conjunction with the collective creative minds and expertise of Bambra Press, really allowed us to showcase the widest range of applications possible: special features, versatility, and superior print quality. Enhanced by HP Indigo ElectroInk Fluorescent Pink and HP SmartStream Mosaic, the press’s breakthrough printing capabilities really makes this edition of VoPP one of a kind.

“It is much more than just variable data. With a database, a willing creative team and the HP Indigo digital press, we were able to make every single cover personalised and customised and carry the journey even further, thanks to our partnership with XMPie.”

Enda Kavanagh, sales manager, XMPie, says, “We designed and launched this campaign using XMPie Circle software. It is a digital storyboard for managing, automating and monitoring the performance of omnichannel campaigns like this one, across all stages of production.”

Partnering with member companies is not new to VoPP. The previous VoPP Mag – The Luxury Issue, was a collaboration with Whirlwind, Konica Minolta, PMP, and Ball & Doggett.

Our members are offering the most innovative work the market has to offer and we want to highlight all the options available to the market; a bit of practice what we preach. We are now starting to think through our next magazine, the Food & Wine Issue. So we’ll be calling out to all our members to see who would like to be involved in showcasing all we have to offer across packaging and print innovation. When we see our craft in action, it really is an exciting time to be part of the print industry.

The VoPP Mag isn’t primarily for printers. It is for printers to give to their customers. It is a functional tool for retailers, branding specialists and marketers investing in print. The case studies chosen are designed to prompt a sales conversation and add value, so our members can hand the VoPP Mag out to their customers and highlight the strengths of print. All the issues are being shared and talked about which is terrific.

VoPP is part of the newly formed The Real Media Collective, and it seems the merger has not slowed the team down.

We look forward to the next issue.

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