Visual Impact Sydney last week saw more than 50 vendors displaying their latest technology, with Neopost and Mimaki among those showcasing new print solutions.

Among the highlights at this year’s Visual Impact, Neopost is partnering with HP and showing a full workflow. Jeremy Brew, application specialist – large format at HP, says at the stand the company is showing all the steps from submitting a job to finishing a product.

Brews says, “Some of the products showcased include ripping solutions such as Onyx and Flexi and latex printer cutters from Graph-Tech and HP.”

Brews says at the NeoPost/HP stand it is showcasing a number of new machines, “On our stand we have the new HP Latex 1500 3.2m wide printer, it is the entry level printer to the 3.2m range.

“We also have the new entry level HP Latex 115 for print and cutting solutions. It is perfect for small shops and the education market. With Latex printers, once you print you can cut straight away.

“There is also the HP Pagewide XL4000 printing seven A1 sheets per minute, it is perfect for archetects, engineers and posters.”

For the stand itself, Brews says, “We are focusing on applications, inspiring new ideas and different ideas, printing on a range of materials such as window blinds and backlits. We want to expand range of applications. Today has been good, it is a small show, our numbers have been good, sales on par with what we were expecting.”

Mimaki is putting the spotlight on its new wide format printer the UCJV300-160 and UCJV150-160.

Brad Creighton, national sales manager for Mimaki says the company has always been at VI but this year it is a bit special, “We are showcasing the new UCJV300-160 and UCJV150-160, it has not been officially launched yet but will be on November 1, so this expo has come at a good time.

“It is the world’s first 1.6m wide LED UV inkjet printer and cutter. It is roll to roll with day and night imaging which is one graphic with two views one when it is backlit and one when it is not. The day and night imaging is due to its four layer printing which shows versatility.

You cannot do the day and night imaging on solvent or latex only multilayer printing. It has pretty exciting post production benefits soon as it is printed you can cut the product.”

Another printer on display is the LED UV UJV55-320, Creighton says this machine can print on fabric and used it for the light boxes on the Mimaki stand. It prints 15-20m wide and is used in the POS market.

Creighton also highlights the company’s biggest selling entry level printer the JFX200-2513 LED UV flat bed, “ Printed materials can be up to 50ml thick with a maximum speed of 8 beds an hour or 25 square metres an hour.”

Two more printers on display are the UJF MKII industrial series which Creighton says can print onto materials up to 150ml thick, it is a compact printer for industrial use. The Latex JV400-160LX has orange and white advantage, Creighton says it is a popular printer with eco mild solvent.  

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