TS Wilson Jnr has introduced the Duplo DDC 810 spot UV coater to the New Zealand market.

At PacPrint, Geoff Wilson, sales director at TS Wilson Jnr, spoke about the new kit. He says, “This spot UV coater has such a small footprint it will fit comfortably into any print shop. Talking to visitors at PacPrint, there is great interest in spot UV but many companies have considered it out of reach, until now.


The DDC-810 applies a gloss finish to defined areas of the substrate, giving images a raised effect with texture and depth. Its CCD camera recognition system ensures image-to-image registration and its PC Controller software offers an easy to use operation. The DDC-810 will process up to 21 sheets per minute (A3); with UV thickness from 20 to 80 microns, handling paper weights from 157 to 450 gsm. It can take sheets up to 364mmx740mm and register the spot coating to pre-printed images.

The unit features a dust roller, metal hydride lamp, ultrasonic double feed detection, fully automated head cleaning purge, and detection sensors for mis-feeds.

Wilson adds, “The Duplo DDC-810 opens up fresh new opportunities for printers wanting to add elevated spot UV embellishment to their products. It makes and affordable solution that encourages creativity enabling them to add tactile impact to their printed products and to add real value to their output.”


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