A new hotmelt technology combining the qualityof PUR glues that can be used in any EVA perfectbinder is now available in New Zealand.

TS Wilson Jnr, the sole New Zealand agent for Planamelt, has added the product to its stable of technologically advanced consumables. Planamelt is manufactured by the Planatol Group,one of the leadingsuppliers of adhesives around the world for the printing industry.

Geoff Wilson, national sales director at TS Wilson Jnr and a print finisher by trade says this is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in glue technology that he has come across in all the years hehas been involved in the print trade. He says, “Planamelt combines PUR-like quality with the advantages of EVA Hotmelt adhesives in one system technology, providing a long-lasting, high quality bond,even on the most challenging substrates. It can be used as spine glue and side glue for perfect-binding ofcatalogues, brochures or magazines.

Wilson adds that this new hotmelt technology was developed especially for the requirements of the graphic arts industry, “and therefore an excellent choice for adhesive bindings and side gluing of any printed products.”

“Planamelt adhesives are suitable for nozzle and roller applications. It’s simple to apply, and can be processed on standard, unmodified hotmelt equipment at low temperature.Planatol has manufactured Planamelt to be operator and environmentally friendly. It has a low processing odour. It can be heated to its recommended operating temperature, cooled, reheated and re-used without any problem and it stays translucent in colour. Planamelt has a great heat stability and high resistance to thermal distortion.

“It’s especially good for digital printing, because it achieves excellent results owing to its high oil resistance. Planamelt sticks on digital print and glossy coated papers with outstanding strength of the adhesive binding. It has a bind strength of up to 15N/cm, a figure at which it will be easier to tear the paper than remove the page from the spine.

“This has been upheld on a range of papers and equipment during testing from single-clamp to high-end binders. Please contact the helpful team at TS Wilson Jnr to get further information and your supply of Planamelt.”

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