The Real Media Collective NZ (TMRC) has produced the 2023 iteration of its annual Industry Insights Report exploring the role of print media and digital immersion across New Zealand and beyond. The findings will be presented at a breakfast event in Auckland on the 22nd of February.

The report explores consumer behaviours, post-pandemic engagement, trust and recall emotionality, dwell times and more. 

One of the key findings is bringing more understanding of the current trends in balancing channel investment to deliver optimised success for brands. The research found that 57 per cent of consumers prefer digital marketing channels over offline methods (43 per cent), now stabilising post-pandemic to a 1 per cent shift. 

The research indicates a re-investment into print media and hints at the stabilisation of pandemic pauses across marketing investment. The document explores the industry metrics across segmentation, reach and circulation, along with the role channels in acquisition and brand equity-building strategies. Additional data about frequency, recall and readership across magazines brings an overall insight into the role of print in the modern era.

Kellie Northwood, chief executive officer of The Real Media Collective, will present the findings, exploring the local and international research, trends and how to apply the learnings to successful marketing investment strategies.

Kellie Northwood

“The Real Media Collective has been asked by retailers and brands important questions that we were committed to addressing,” said Northwood. “How are consumer’s behaviours changing, if at all, post-pandemic? What behaviours are still evolving? As supply chains, pricing and other constraints impact the supply of all media from production to print, photography to direction, how will media establish its relevance across the marketing budget pie?

“We have explored the successes and opportunities of real media channels delivering results from a consumer’s lens with New Zealand and international research as well as analysis of marketing campaigns pushing the creative to achieve talkability and point of difference. We know print media channels remain stable and effective, and advertisers and brands are seeking insight across how to optimise channels. This report and industry insights briefing aim to assist in this regard,” added Northwood.

The Auckland event will be held on Wednesday, the 22nd of February, in Auckland CBD, with registrations commencing at 7.30 am and the event at 8.00 am NZTD. Registration for the Industry Insights Breakfast 2023 is now open online.

Sponsors supporting the event include Blue Star Print Group, Ricoh, BJ Ball, Spicers and REACH. 

Previous editions of the Real Media Collective Industry Insights are available on the association’s website

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