Go Media and SCG have teamed up to offer Net Carbon Zero for large format printing.

SCG will be the first out of home print supplier in New Zealand to offer Net Carbon Zero print services for large format print and Go Media will be first company to implement this. Go Media will also offset the carbon of the printed products, which will include static billboards and bus advertising.

The companies have developed New Zealand’s first carbon calculator for large format print products. This includes outdoor banners and vehicle vinyl.

Fred Soar, managing director at SCG, says, “We have known for a long time how to offset carbon for print. Now we have worked out how to do that for our large format products. Toitū Envirocare has ratified the carbon calculator that we developed.”

Climate emergency

Independently New Zealand-owned, SCG and Go Media support the newly launched AdNetZero initiative, an industry-wide response to the climate emergency.

In 2009, SCG’s commitment to reduce its environmental impact saw it become a carbon zero certified company. Two years later, it started offering carbon zero paper product services. Soar says, “Our next step in this journey is to offer carbon zero certified large format printing services. We are so pleased to have reached this milestone and offer Go Media this service for all their banners and outdoor media products.“

CO2e is a measurement of the total greenhouse gases emitted, expressed in terms of the equivalent measurement of carbon dioxide. An average outdoor billboard campaign generates 90 kg of CO2e. SCG and Go Media expect to offset 58.4 tonnes of CO2e of emissions in year one.

Simon Teagle, general manager at Go Media, says, “While paying for offsets isn’t our end game, it’s the best solution available right now. Paying for the offsets motivates us to keep the pressure on our supply chain to develop more sustainable print materials that can perform the function we need of them.

“Environmental sustainability plays an important role in our decision making at Go Media. Our our valued partnership with SCG, who are equally aspirational, has enabled us to realise positive change. We feel proud to receive recognition as an industry leader in this space. in addition, we look forward to working with and supporting our clients and partners to adopt more sustainable solutions.”

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