Fujifilm Business Innovation Asia Pacific has won a Buyers Lab Inc (BLI) 2021 Pro Award from Keypoint Intelligence for the Versant 3100i Press.

Scott Mackie, general manager for Graphics Communication Services Business at Fujifilm Business Innovation Asia Pacific is excited. He says “We feel elated and proud of the recognition given to the Versant 3100i Press.

The Versant 3100i Press gained the award for Outstanding Mid-Volume CMYK Production Device. Mackie says, “Certainly, it has proved its mettle since the launch in October 2020. Moreover, it has an outstanding performance of 37 per cent growth in the Entry Production Colour High category.”

“This recognition has further affirmed our commitment to delivering value and unlocking customer potential in the region. In addition, it has cemented our market leader position in this segment.”

Keypoint Intelligence says the GX Print Server 2 is intuitive to use. In addition, it offers an excellent media stock library, timeline viewer, and a variety of remote management options.

Excellent colour

The device delivers high levels of engine efficiency while still maintaining an average mean DeltaE00 colour drift of only 1.8 across more than 46,000 clicks over their six production-length test runs spanning coated, uncoated, and textured stocks from 80 gsm up to 300 gsm.

The Versant 3100 Press gained a five-star rating for excellent colour matching and colour memory

He says the Versant 3100i offers efficiency, a strong colour-matching performance and an automated setup with minimum user intervention. It delivers a swift print speed of 100 pages per minute and 2,400 dpi output resolution. Robust yet versatile, this production press delivers vibrant images with various creative finishing options. In addition, it handles a wide variety of paper types, both long and heavy weight.

Its ability to conduct image quality correction and auto-registration reduces the need for manual checks. The company says this boosts productivity and prevents job disruption.

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