Tetra Pak plans to build a US$110m manufacturing facility in Vietnam to serve customers in New Zealand, Australia and ASEAN.
Complementing plants in Singapore, Japan and India, the factory can produce 20 billion packs pre year. Craig Salkeld, managing director for Oceania, Tetra Pak, says,  “We are committed to investing in Australia and New Zealand’s food export business to help our customers tap into the huge opportunities opening up both at home and in the wider region.
“Our investment in this manufacturing facility means we will be able service our ASEAN markets more efficiently, offering greater innovation, enhanced quality, efficiency and flexibility for producers.”
The move will address increasing consumption volumes, with the 2016 total packed liquid dairy and fruit-based beverages intake at 70 billion litres across ASEAN, South Asia, Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, over the next three years, these markets could grow at 5.6 per cent per annum, with products packed in Tetra Pak cartons projected to grow at a much faster rate as compared to other packaging formats such as glass bottles and cans.
Michael Zacka, regional vice president, Tetra Pak South Asia, East Asia and Oceania, says, “Over the years, we have seen substantial growth of our products, driven by a wide portfolio and a number of innovations that we have introduced in the market. Hence our investment in a new plant, which will be our fourth packaging material factory in the region, providing us with expansive coverage and scale. This decision is a strong reflection of our commitment to the region and our firm belief in its future potential.”
The greenfield factory will primarily serve customers based in ASEAN, Australia and New Zealand. Tetra Palk says the site will adopt a host of global best practices to minimise the environmental footprint, including the utilisation of a high proportion of renewable energy sources.

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