Established in 1934 on Tainui Street, Matamata, the company derived its name from its original location. Over the years, it has moved to various premises and currently operates from modern facilities at 7 Short Street.

With over five decades of industry experience, husband and wife team Dale and Sheryl Ertel helm the business, offering a diverse range of printed products. Dale embarked on his career as a lithographic offset machinist apprentice at Goldfields Print in Paeroa immediately after finishing high school. In 1979, he joined Tainui Press Design & Print and in September 1998, he and Sheryl acquired the commercial printing segment of the company.

As the printing industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, Tainui Press Design & Print has proactively diversified its production floor, incorporating digital printing equipment, signwriting, and upgrading its on-site technology arsenal.

Initially sceptical about the claims made by a Konica Minolta sales representative who introduced new digital print equipment a year ago, Dale gradually became intrigued. He explains, “At first, the equipment seemed almost too good to be true. However, when the need arose to replace our old two-colour press with a perforation function, which had become increasingly challenging due to the manufacturer’s discontinuation and unavailability of spare parts, I revisited the proposal.”

He travelled to the Konica Minolta site in Auckland, with a member of his team, to witness the AccurioPress C7100 in action and ascertain the veracity of the earlier sales pitch. Dale recalls, “I was captivated by the capabilities of this machine. On the journey back, I contemplated how to convince Sheryl that this was the way forward.”

After several discussions, the couple requested Konica Minolta to produce samples of docket books. Dale adds, “To our amazement, the AccurioPress C7100 could handle printing, numbering, perforating in two different directions, collating, and depositing the finished products into a bin – all in one machine. Previously, we needed three different machines to accomplish the same tasks.”

Advanced automation

Konica Minolta has designed the AccurioPress C7100 to meet the rigorous demands of commercial printing through its advanced automation features. This advanced digital printing press offers exceptional performance, delivering high-resolution output of up to 3,600dpi (equivalent) x 2,400dpi.

With the ability to accommodate a wide range of coated, uncoated, and textured media ranging from 52gsm to 400gsm, and the capability to print long sheets up to 1300mm, the AccurioPress C7100 provides in-line four-sided trimming for full bleed applications, creasing, perforation, and much more.

The intelligent quality optimiser, IQ- 501, ensures automatic management of registration and colour adjustments, diagnoses images, and creates printer profiles. It also streamlines prepress adjustments, increasing uptime without the need for highly skilled operators.

High performance

Dale’s office overlooks the production floor, where he can keep a close eye on the AccurioPress C7100 producing up to 100 pages per minute for A4 sheets. He shares, “One day, as I glanced down, I saw a job running on the new press. I could not believe my eyes, so I hurried downstairs to witness the AccurioPress C7100 printing and then perfectly trimming full- colour, double-sided rack cards.

“Although I knew the machine was capable of such feats, I was amazed by its speed. I immediately called Sheryl to witness the remarkable performance, and while she had been supportive of our digital evolution, she was truly impressed and convinced by what she saw.”

Dale and Sheryl emphasise that through the recent investment, they have not only enhanced the company’s capabilities and significantly increased production capacity, but also fortified their business to withstand future uncertainties, a crucial aspect in today’s volatile economic climate.

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