The swissQprint Tip Switch Vacuum system has received a patent. The company says the system provides fast, selective adjustment of the vacuum used for securing media to the print bed. It comes as standard on all swissQprint flatbed and roll to roll printers.

Total Supply distributes SwissQprint solutions in New Zealand.

The swissQprint Tip Switch Vacuum launched in 2019. The company says it offers numerous benefits including:

Minimal set-up and masking effort

A swissQprint large format printer has its print bed divided into as many as 256 vacuum segments, depending on the model. Light fingertip pressure on a toggle switch (Tip Switch) enables or disables the respective segment. As a result, it shuts off vacuum in the gaps between boards on a flatbed, or parallel lanes of material in roll to roll printing. In turn this speeds setup and largely eliminates masking work.


The swissQprint systems use under-pressure-controlled vacuum for reduced noise emissions and energy requirements. The vacuum system contributes to their high energy efficiency. They have ISO standard 20690:2018 certification.

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