Digital print solutions developer Konica Minolta has been awarded a position on the Climate A List by CDP, an international not-for-profit organisation which engages companies to realise a sustainable economy. 

Out of some 5000 companies evaluated by CDP this year for the sustainability gong, only 193 businesses – including Konica Minolta – were included on the list, for their actions to reduce CO2 emissions and mitigate climate change.

Environmental management at Konica Minolta is built under the philosophy ‘the creation of new value,’ and the supplier says it has been promoting sustainability in-house with a goal to reduce CO2 emissions throughout the product life cycle by 80 per cent by 2050.

“In its efforts to mitigate climate change, Konica Minolta is committed to steadily implementing environmental measures worldwide, including sharing a variety of environmental technologies and know-how it has developed over the years with its customers and suppliers and working jointly to reduce CO2 on a society-wide basis,” says Konica Minolta.

“Konica Minolta, as a global company, aims to work with all of its stakeholders to reduce environmental impact, thereby contributing solutions to climate change and other global environmental problems and creating greater shared value.”

Other international companies included on the Climate A List this year are big name brands including General Motors, Johnson Controls, Apple and Microsoft.

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