The audience at last week’s Women in Print event, held in Auckland, learned that print has much to offer as a viable medium for communicating any message.

Jo Taylor, editor of Latitude magazine and winner of the supreme award at the Enterprising Rural Women Awards last year, told Auckland women that if they can dream it, they can do it. She walked the audience through her journey with the glossy South Canterbury magazine she started from scratch in 2007. It now has 10,000 subscribers across the country and focuses on local stories, food, and fashion trends.

The mother of five, three still at school, manages three businesses including the magazine, and says print will never go out of fashion and her magazine is proof. She said, “People still love to read the printed page. Paper is tactile; you can read it in the bath or lounging outside. If it gets wet it isn’t destroyed like technology.”

Sponsored by BJ Ball Papers, the event brought together women in the print industry for a fun evening.

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