Esko has announced an update ofr its packaging and labels prepress editor, ArtPro+.

The company says that, with over 25,000 Esko prepress editors currently in use, this latest version will fit the needs of today’s prepress production.

ArtPro+ forms part of the Esko Software Platform 2018, the latest version of Esko’s portfolio of integrated software solutions for design, prepress, workflow automation, colour management, and supply chain collaboration in the packaging, labels, display and sign markets.

Esko says that, with this version of ArtPro+, prepress operations complete the editing work 40 per cent faster as it requires fewer clicks to complete tasks, features faster opening and saving of files with native PDF, and has faster trapping.

The company adds that operators can automate most label and packaging using the prepress editor for quality assurance and handling tasks. Not only can ArtPro+ be run through Esko’s Automation Engine, tasks can now also be highly simplified through automation within the editor, without any need for scripting. Automation improves production speed and drives down the risk of human errors.

The new release includes three new feature updates:

  • Operators can build PDF Action Lists without any special know-how or IT skills: Do it once in the editor and then repeat many times to cope with repetitive tasks.
  • With a new font management connector for ArtPro+, everyone can now have immediate access to the fonts needed, when needed, to achieve quality output for designs. Prepress professionals can make real-time edits to fix critical, last-minute text changes, reducing expensive print errors and costly press delays.
  • ArtPro+ leverages the intelligence of the CAD data to maintain only a single file for all output purposes, eliminating file duplication, errors, and the need for redundant tasks. The benefit:
  • everything is kept together in one file – the same file that is used to drive output.

Isidore Leiser, chief executive of French label converter Stratus Packaging, says, “The majority of the PDF artwork we receive today is processed through ArtPro+. It works just great to run our prepress production: we measured an increase in productivity and improved our service and customer satisfaction. The very fast Trapping tool, Preflight and Action Lists are just a few of the unique features we use a lot. And what’s more, it is very simple to use.

“The implementation was really easy – as new operators didn’t need much training time. Last but not least, ArtPro+ is seamlessly integrated with the Esko packaging management platform WebCentre, where our customers can connect, review and approve the artwork, significantly improving delivery time.”

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