Direct to garment printer manufacturer AnaJet has introduced an upgrade to its firmware and software available to its Ri 3000/Ri 6000 DTG printers.

The upgrade features an enhanced speed mode, additional platen option, and firmware stability improvements. Paul Crocker, marketing director at Anajet, says, “AnaJet is excited about this release of updates as it fits with our continual push to innovate; consistently aiming to meet our customers’ expectations and enable them to reach their business goals.

“Our most recent AnaRIP and firmware enhancements will provide noticeable speed on dark shirt prints and support updates to our customers pushing AnaJet’s products further along the competitive landscape.”

The company lists the benefits of the upgrade:

Over 60 seconds reduced print time on dark shirts with new speed mode for white under base with Ri 3000 (over 30 seconds with Ri 6000)

Reduced occurrences of interrupted prints and job transmissions from RIP through multiple printer stability improvements

Better technical support experience with the improved printer log retrieval process

New adjustable white highlight feature for more fine tuning of white ink volume on the CMYK pass

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