Cutting table manufacturer Zünd has updated its software with Design Centre 3.1.

The company says its Zünd ZDC 3.1 represents a major overhaul of its Illustrator-Plug-In with visual and technological improvements that make the programme more comprehensive and easy to use. The interface has a fresh design featuring bold new icons that make working with the programme more efficient, according to Zünd. It says the new design makes navigating the programme much easier and facilitates finding functions the operator may use only sporadically.

The software enables the operator to create packaging and displays with a few clicks. The programme uses a library of parametric design templates that operators can change and scale as needed. It offers templates for folding carton, corrugated, PVC, PP, foam board and MDF. Another addition gives operators the ability to import an unlimited number of objects in .obj format, inserting them in a newly created design and viewing in a 3D preview.

For simplified automatic file retrieval, it enables creation of QR-codes in a separate layer. The operator enters the name of the job and the desired position, and ZDC automatically generates the corresponding QR-code. The operator now has the option to save designs as favourites, which provides a shortcut to commonly used designs and eliminates the potential for spending time locating old designs.

Zünd says it has made ZDC 3.1 available as upgrade immediately

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