Digital manufacturer Sharp New Zealand has adopted a new waste minimisation initiative that will see the company recycle an additional 2.5 million kilograms of waste, including packaging material.

Sharp will aim to recycle 100 per cent of all packaging materials, electrical and electronic products and equipment, obsolete and used parts by April 2018.

The company says it will also strive to prevent hazardous chemicals, electronics and plastics going to landfill.  

The initiative is part of the Minister for the Environment’s Product Stewardship Scheme which will mean Sharp accepts full responsibility for reducing the environmental impacts of all its products in every stage of their lifecycle from production to end of life.

The scheme also aims to reduce the leaching of the plastics from packaging and the hazardous substances caused by the breakdown of circuit boards, plastics and other electrical and electronic components.

“We are committed to achieving a high standard of environmental care through our business,” says managing director of Sharp Corporation NZ, Jan Nicol-Winitana.

“We understand that our customers not only want great products, but also products that do not have a negative impact on the environment. The accreditation of our Product Stewardship Scheme is a great acknowledgement that we can do both.” 

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