Durst Oceania and Torque Digital have announced a second P5 350 HS sale at drupa 2024.

Angela Nauck, general manager at Torque Digital, says, “We purchased our first Durst last year and that’s been going really well for us, so we were keen to have a dual platform of Durst machines.”

The P5 350, a hybrid solution for roll and board, prints up to 3.5 metres wide. The high speed version heading to Torque Digital delivers productivity of up to 708 square metres per hour.

Nauck adds, “Our company has been on a great growth trajectory so we will be taking some of our older machines and replacing them with the Durst. It’s a new relationship for us with Durst, but we have been really well looked after and well hosted the past few days.

“It was fantastic to go to Brixen earlier this week and see the site and meet the team, and now having Graham Blackall on the ground for Durst in New Zealand is also great for us.”

Matt Ashman, managing director of Durst Oceania, says Durst is thrilled to have Torque choose Durst as its exclusive wide format provider. He says, “Torque is a real tour de force in the New Zealand print industry and the business has evolved tremendously since installing their first Dust hence their need to invest in a second.

“The P5 350 HS will enable them to have higher volumes and be able to use both machines to fulfill their jobs.

“The machine is expected to arrive in Q3 this year and we look forward to installing the machine at Torque and sharing the installation story when it arrives.”

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