Opting out of next year’s drupa, Screen sees virtual opportunities as a way ahead during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The company says it based its decision “sensible precautions” after considering the current circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic and the growing opportunities for virtual experiences provided by new communications technologies.

Screen Graphic Solutions says, “With both market and social conditions undergoing such drastic changes, Screen GA believes it is essential to accelerate timely communication with our customers and partners.

Peter Scott, managing director at Screen GP Australasia, says: “It must have been a hard decision to arrive at. I believe it is the right decision in view of the safety of customers and staff.

“Screen has always been a strong supporter of drupa. We have always enjoyed a high number of visitors from Australia and New Zealand. However, the road forward for a safe, pandemic-free Europe is by no means clear. In some areas, a second wave is apparent.

Trade shows, and especially drupa, are all about meeting, networking and socialising. I can’t see this working as early as April 2021, even if planes are flying and borders are quarantine free.”

Creating virtual opportunities

Screen GA says it continuously creates virtual and physical communication opportunities designed to ensure the best possible experience.

Scott continues, “Personally, I have great fondness for drupa and the way Düsseldorf becomes drupa city and welcomes the print and communications world. I will miss it. I fear it will be at least another year before the health and safety situation can be deemed normal. Planning for participating in events such as drupa takes months or years. So, the decision not to attend had to be made well in advance. Not to have done so would have been an unacceptable gamble. Personal safety comes first and foremost.

“I look forward to more certain times and the return of the drupa we know and love.”

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