Screen GP has announced a new series of VLF16-page Ultima 16000N Platesetters.

Screen says the new PlateRite Ultima 1600N models bring the energy-saving, productivity and dot quality of the PlateRite 8900 8-up CTP series, into the VLF size. Three speed variations follow the ‘Z, S and E’ suffixes of the 8900 series, with a top speed of 42 plates per hour on the Z model at 1420 x 1180mm maximum size.

Peter Scott, managing director, Screen GP Australasia says, “Companies across packaging and POS will would find the most value, as it will handle all the way up to 16 page press, so is suitable larger format printing. What you can see from this is that we are continuously trying to improve productivity and energy efficiency.”

The Ultima is not just for the big plates though, Scott says, “Although it’s a VLF CTP, it can also produce four-up, six-up and eight-up plate sizes. A small plate option will enable 450 x 370mm plate sizes to be produced. For packaging work on oversize presses, this versatility is a big advantage. The same can be said where a 16-page web press is used alongside sheetfed machines. With the addition of the MA-L16000N II multi-cassette autoloader system, a total of up to 450 plates can be supplied automatically which greatly extends the length of continuous operation, boosting productivity and reducing handling.”

All Ultima platesetters have the latest GLV (grating light valve) imaging heads. TThe company says the heads produce significantly more uniform light distribution while a high-precision auto-focus mechanism allows the output of Screen’s proprietary Spekta 2 hybrid screening and Randot X 20 (20 μm) FM screening for excellent dynamic range and detail. PlateRite Ulima 1600N-Z models feature 1,024 imaging heads while the S (29 plates per hour) and E (17 plates per hour) models have 512.

Screen says that energy use during operation has reduced by up to 55 per cent, with standby energy reduction reduced by up to 83 per cent. An online maintenance support package will ensure the CTP systems remain in optimal condition at all times.

Scott adds, “Although CTP is a mature market, as the world’s leading manufacturer, Screen will continue fulfilling its development responsibilities to our CTP customers and dealers. The new PlateRite Ultima 1600N series and support system is a good example of this.”

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