Screen Graphic and Precision Solutions Australia has released a new B1 (8-up) computer-to-plate device, with new features including a high-definition option capable of up to 700lpi on offset plates.

Screen GP Australia managing director Peter Scott calls the new HD8900N the highest quality CTP device the company has ever offered. He says, “With the high-resolution options and the right plate and processing environment, offset print quality can reach new levels. If sheer productivity is called for, the Z model at 70 B1 plates per hour, or 80 B2 size pph – will cater for even the busiest platerooms.”

The new device comes in three speed configurations. The 8900N – Z achieves a maximum productivity 70 plates per hour (size 1030 x 800mm at 2400 dpi) using two high-power laser diodes (60 W) and a 1024 channel optically-improved GLV (Grating Light Valve).

The two other speed variations (S and E) produce 48 and 36pph respectively. The HD8900 S and E models can be factory-optioned for ultra high-resolution of 4000dpi or 4800 dpi (for 3D lenticular printing). At 4000dpi, the HD8900N has an 700 lpi resolution.

For FM/stochastic screening the dot resolution can be tuned to an 10 microns. A new Step mode corrects the issue of pixel shift caused by spiral exposure mode with external drum CTP setters. The PlateRite HD8900N features energy-saving benefits both in production and while idling.

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