Digital enhancement specialist Scodix has announced beta testing for its latest press, aimed at the folding carton market.

In New Zealand, Currie Group supplies Scodix technology.

Scodix has installed the new Scodix E106 at the largest folding carton printer in Israel, CopyCenter. Uri Drori, chief executive at CopyCenter, says, “The versatile Scodix E106 Digital Enhancement Press is the perfect addition to our portfolio. The outstanding range of enhancements in a B1 format means we will be able to fulfil all our enhancement jobs on just one platform.

Also, working with high profile customers in the beauty category means that shelf appeal is critical to the products we produce. Digital technology will allow us to meet the ever-increasing demand for new applications including versioning and short runs that these products require.”

Scodix developed the new machine for folding carton converters who need the 1060mm x 760mm format. Roy Porat, chief executive at Scodix, says, “We are delighted to be working with a premier carton maker in CopyCenter and we can also announce that a second beta will be installed this summer in Europe.

“Printers and converters investing in the Scodix E106 will be able to offer short to medium run lengths profitably, offer new products, enter new markets and – fundamentally – clinch a competitive edge in tough market conditions with value-added services that truly energize brands. At drupa 2016 we pledged that beta testing would be underway mid-2017 and we are delivering on that promise. This phase takes us a step closer a new standard in packaging enhancement.”

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