Industry training organisation Competenz is offering $50,000 in scholarships this year towards higher level learning and skill development.
Competenz says there are 16 scholarships worth $3,000 each per annum and says the scholarships present an ideal opportunity for people looking to support and develop a career in a management, supervisory, sales or a team leader role; and or to take the next step up in their career from an apprenticeship.
For managers, Competenz says the time has come to shoulder tap those learners ready to up-skill. They need to have completed a level 3 or level 4 apprenticeships in several industries including printing and sign making.
The scholarship will cover the cost of any of the Competenz Higher Level Qualifications in the selected industries or in some of its skill development programmes. Applications close April 5. Successful applicants will receive notification on May 31.
For enquiries, contact Lizzie O’Halloran, phone 09 539 9869 or 09 539 9859 or email L.O’
What:        Competenz Scholarship
When:       Applications close April 5
Web site:

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