Paper manufacturer Sappi is increasing the prices of its graphic paper grades in New Zealand and Australia.

The company says the rise will be between five to eight per cent, and will be for paper manufactured from December.

Sappi says, “Due to continual input cost increases the company is forced to pass on this cost inflation by increasing its woodfree uncoated, woodfree coated and coated mechanical reels grades prices by five to eight per cent from December manufacture. This follows similar increases in North America, Europe and other Sappi markets.”

“Despite strong order books and good operating rates, margins continue to be depressed by this severe input cost inflation. Sappi’s sales people will be in touch with their customers to agree on the specifics over the next weeks.”

Sappi in New Zealand and Australia have a position in the woodfree coated sheet market at Ball & Doggett and Direct Paper, and in the high-speed web offset sector with sales to PMP, IVE, Bauer and Pacific Magazines.

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