RMGT supplier Cyber says the company has turned a few heads with its 920 series and recently, it installed its first 10-colour RMGT 920 series press in the region.
The A1 press went into Spot Productions in Brisbane. Simon Carmody, managing director for Spot says, “We looked at what were the latest offerings from Ryobi. We bought the machine brand new and had it running from January. We had two presses go out.
“The new Ryobi has exceeded my expectations and I am happy with it. It is faster and producing better quality work. It has increased our profits. Our turnover is now somewhere around $1m a month. I reckon it is faster than three machines put together. Changeover is now around four minutes, it used to be an hour. Printing paper booklets, books and magazines used to be nine hours, now it is three hours.
“We are excited about what the new press can potentially do for us. It is the sixth Ryobi I have bought over a 10-year period and I have been happy with their service, they are a great company to deal with.”
David Taylor, general manager, Cyber New Zealand, says the press will fit well into any local print shop. He says, “RMGT is well ahead of everyone else in its LED-UV technology. The LED-UV set up is at the perfector and the delivery, so the sheets come out of the press dry, ready for the guillotine or binder. This means no waiting time after printing. There is no heat, unlike conventional UV and other UV presses, which run at high temperatures.”
The press offers an automatic plate loading mechanism, so it can achieve a plate change in 60 seconds. It has cameras in the feeder, delivery, and perfecting device so that the operators can see what is happening in these areas. It has a large screen, which gives the feed off the cameras, and information about ink, the job itself, where it is in the run process, and the health of the press. It also has a built in spectrophotometer to measure the ink density.
RMGT describes it as a paper saving press. Taylor says, “Rather than running a 102cm or 105cm press you are running a 92, which still has eight pages to view, with enough space for colour bars, and sheet size for folds. It also offers lower power consumption lower compared to what else is on the market.”

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