With a stated aim of giving customers a chance to reduce costs and increase quality, manroland web systems has released newly developed ICCd smart – a compact version of the proven highly dynamic cut-off register control for reducing waste.

The company calls its InlineCutoff Control dynamic (ICCd) one of the fastest cut-off register control systems available on the market. It adds that it has adapted the system to the market demands for easy, economic and fast upgrades for existing presses.

A variety of the standard ICCd, which uses an existing camera at the folder superstructure, the new system uses an additional camera at the folder infeed. The company says this offers a highly dynamic control by adjusting the folder drive offset and that leads to a significantly lower tolerance of the cut-off register at the folding knife. So a dynamic control of the entire cut-off register tolerances at the folding knife is possible.

For the customer, manroland says it means improved printing quality and waste reductions when changing the speed, after blanket washing and reel changes – up to 100 per cent. T

ICCd smart also offers a complete integration into PECOM-X and an operation at the folder HMI. It is also connected to the worldwide online remote support of the TeleSupportCenter. The company offers an upgrade with ICCd smart is possible for Rotoman, Lithoman, and Euroman press lines that already use a manroland-ICC cut-off register control.

Josef Ellenrieder, product manager for upgrades and retrofits at manroland web systems, says, “The highest benefits are the reduced waste rates. Due to cost savings, the investment has paid back in just one year. InlineCutoff Control dynamic smart enables an absolute precise folding and therewith highest product quality. With the smart-version, it is now possible for us to upgrade the system at Rotoman press lines, what enabled many customers to benefit from the immense advantages.”

The company claims a reduction of the cut-off register waste up to 100 per cent, at a reel change, 30-60 per cent; and after blanket washing 100 per cent. It adds that several customers have already invested in the cut-off register control.

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