PrintNZ, the industry association for the print, packaging and visual communication industries, has featured the winning works of the recent Pride In Print Awards, while co-hosting the NZ Sign and Print Expo 2023 for the first time. 

PrintNZ has teamed up with the New Zealand Sign and Display Association (NZSDA) to co-host this year’s edition of the NZ Sign and Print Expo.

Ruth Cobb, PrintNZ chief executive officer commented, “There is a general recognition that our industries are blending closer and closer together. There used to be a small amount of overlap. That overlap is huge now, so there are not many commercial printers that aren’t making signs, and not many sign writers that aren’t doing printing.

“We must recognise those as opportunities to work together and to try and take the best of both industries and represent them. It was a great opportunity to do the Sign and Print Expo and have a mixture of printers and signwriters exhibiting, but more importantly, it is the audience that comes into it which makes it a success.”

PrintNZ has brought a flavour of the recent Pride In Print Awards to the expo by celebrating the winning works at its stand. 

The recent awards also celebrated the talent within the industry. Ruth Cobb added, “There are three layers to recognising our talent. There are the young people coming into the industry, the people that train them and the companies that allow them to be trained. We are so proud of the people that come out of those apprenticeships, but also the trainers and everybody else that’s part of that.”

Click below to watch Ruth Cobb showcasing all category and process winners of the 2023 Pride In Print Awards.

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