The innovative Radiaca print to mobile Partica technology is now available in New Zealand, with local company Redshift taking the master license to distribute in the country.

The world first Partica technology takes all the elements of the PDF and reformats them to be viewed on mobile platforms. It is developed by a new Australian joint venture company Radiaca.

Printers will be able to sell the service to their publishing clients, all of whom are looking to serve their magazines, annual reports, brochures, guides and catalogues on mobile digital platforms. No current technology offers publishers this opportunity.

The trend to media consumption on mobile platforms – smartphones and tablets – is irreversible. Radiaca technology enables printers to cash in on this trend by offering their customers the opportunity to publish direct to mobile from the PDF files created for print.

Redshift is making Radiaca technology available in New Zealand immediately. Cade Ogle, chief technology officer at Redshift, says, “We are delighted to be able to offer New Zealand printers the ability to exploit the move to mobile media consumption, through Radiaca. The figures are compelling, every printer should be looking at this” 

Shankar Vishwanath, co-owner of Radiaca says, “”New Zealand print business owners now have the opportunity to create a new revenue stream from existing clients, by providing them with a tangible added value service and one that they want:  the ability to deliver their content to mobile platforms.”

Richard Lindley, chief technology officer at Radiaca says, “”The trend to mobile media consumption is only increasing, it is now more than 50 per cent and rising. The deal with Redshift to bring Radiaca to New Zealand ensures that local print business owners can cash in on this trend, and create much closer ties to their customers.”

Partica is available immediately. The New Zealand deal follows hot on the heels of a similar deal in the world’s second most populous country, India. Vishwanath says, “Whether for large or small circulation publications, Partica will deliver additional revenue for printers.”



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