Innovative Australian print to mobile mobile tech provider Radiaca has closed its first major deal, with India’s PressIdeas Publishing, which takes Radiaca’s new Partica print to mobile technology into a marketplace of more than 300,000 print and publishing businesses.
The Partica technology reformats print publication files (PDFs) into a mobile-friendly format able to be viewed on smartphones and tablets, and is one of the technologies offered as part of the Radiaca suite of solutions.
It has been developed to enable printers to offer a solution to publishers to enable them to have their content prepared for both print and mobile platforms from the same print ready PDF. It will allow printers to develop closer ties with publishers through offering them a clear added value service to meet a real need, mobile friendly publishing.

Shankar Vishwanath, co-founder of Radiaca and CEO of Printer Magazines Group, says, “As the printing industry has declined over the past five years, with consumers increasingly seeking solutions through online platforms, Radiaca will help positively grow the print sector by tapping into new revenue streams for printers and enabling new ways of consuming print media.

“This major deal is the first of many that we expect to be achieved, as printers come to realise the immense benefits that Partica provides to their publishing clients.”

The Partica platform technology takes a PDF for print and designs streamlined, translatable and mobile-friendly articles. Through the use of polls, surveys, calls to action and real-time feedback for customers, the in-built capabilities enhance two-way communication between printers and customers – closing the gap between the content consumer and brand owner and delivering real value for the publisher.
Richard Lindley, CTO of Radiaca says, “This is a momentous move for us and our partners, especially as content consumption trends which are heading strongly to mobile continue to boom.
“To keep up with a rapidly changing industry, India’s publishing community has the opportunity with Radiaca to get ahead of the market and attract new commercial opportunities with an innovative and intelligent mobile tech solution offering.”
Jacob George, marketing director of  PressIdeas Publishing, says, “To stay relevant printers needs to start thinking about how to reinvent themselves in a sector that is being disrupted. We are excited to bring Radiaca to the industry to enable businesses to embrace change and transform the way they operate.”

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