Print and Pack will continue supplying MBO digital finishing products, following Heidelberg’s acquisition of MBO.

Richard Timson, managing director, Heidelberg Australia and New Zealand, says both brands will continue on following the purchase, pending regulatory approval in Germany.

He says, “Heidelberg is still committed to keeping both brands in the marketplace. They have decided that the current distributors for MBO will keep distributing that. So Print and Pack will keep distributing as this stage, and into the future. They will keep pressing on with a two brand strategy, even though we will own and manufacture both products.

“It is a good thing for Australian and New Zealand customers. The takeover gives them more security in the future across spare parts, service works, and maintenance. It also expands our portfolio with other products we may not have at the moment.

This decision highlights the company’s strategic focus on consistently aligning its portfolio and new business model with the growth segments of digital and packaging. Furthermore, Heidelberg aims to use this extended offering to tap into new customer groups for its entire product portfolio.

The MBO brand will continue to exist after the takeover. Jointly with Heidelberg, the company will look to expand its product offering for the growing market of digital print finishing. Thomas Heininger, chief executive for MBO Group, says, “This transaction is a major strategic move for MBO Group to continue driving the process of digitalisation and to further develop our digital print finishing product range.”

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