After having to make the painful decision to move the Pride In Print Awards night from Christchurch to Wellington in 2011, following the devastation of the February 22 earthquake and aftermath, Pride in Print organisers have placed their faith in the garden city for this year’s event.
The print industry’s night of nights will take place at the Air Force Museum of New Zealand in Wigram on Friday May 12. Note that previous reports have incorrectly stated the venue is in Wellington. (Also note: today is the last day for regular entries into the country’s most prestigious print awards competition. However, late entries will remain open until February 28).

Expressing personal delight at sharing the good news with her Christchurch industry colleagues, Pride In Print Awards manager Sue Archibald says, “We have all been affected by the so many heart-wrenching stories about what the people of Canterbury had to go through — with many still facing significant challenges to return their lives to normal.
“There have also been many touching stories of courage, determination and unbridled generosity — with members of our industry featuring in many of these. Now we have a chance to let those colleagues, their families and their customers take centre stage in our industry’s special celebration.”
Local businesses have also delivered favourable comments at the prospect of hosting the industry’s big night out. Jonathan Flett, company director and operations manager at Pakworld, describes the announcement as great news. He says, “Not only will it mean we will be having a party, it will also mean that economic impact benefits will now be spread to Christchurch which is long overdue.
“We as a city are well advanced now in terms of rebuild and we have the capabilities to handle events such as Pride In Pride. The timing is now right — and we need to do this to show the rest of our industry that we are ok.”
Flett believes next year’s Pride In Print Awards will provide an ideal promotional opportunity for companies to collectively display their wares to the marketplace. He says, “It’s important to come to grips with the reality that our industry, whilst shrinking in some sectors and growing in others, is still a very important industry in terms of what we do and who we do it for — from a brochure to promote other people’s businesses, to a medical label on bottles that provides vital information, to a carton that holds and promotes products.”
Nigel Harrison, operations manager at Orora Cartons, says, “Personally I am delighted to see Pride In Print return and I am sure I talk for all South Island printers — one more step in the healing of our wonderful City.
“Everyone who has lived in Christchurch is passionate about seeing life and normality return to the city. I hope all South Island printers jump on board and support this iconic event making it the success I am sure it will be.”
Sue Archibald adds that organisers will arrange accommodation offers and transportation from city hotels to the Awards Night venue, located at 45 Harvard Avenue.
She concludes, “It’s exciting and we are so glad to bring Pride In Print back to Christchurch”
For further information, please contact Pride In Print Awards manager, Sue Archibald (021) 663-881.
Iconic venue

Set on 37 hectares of land at Wigram, the Air Force Museum of New Zealand offers plenty of free parking.
Darren Burden, general manager at Vbase, the venue operator, says, “It is an appealing location and easy to get to, being between the airport and town.
He says his team got a thrill knowing it could add Pride In Print to the growing list of large post-earthquake events the company has hosted, He believes guests will find the venue and rebuilt city an attractive proposition. He says, “The fact Pride In Print is coming back to Christchurch shows their faith in Christchurch, the venue and Vbase.
The historical setting of the museum provides a point of interest to the guests.
“Christchurch has also had a raft of iconic, different venues open up in the last few years with more opening each year. With certain aspects of the hospitality industry, for example bars and restaurants, more are open now than there were before the earthquakes.”
He says the 1500sqm conference and events hall offers a blank canvas for trade exhibitions, conferences, gala dinners and functions all configurable to meet event requirements.
Opened as an extension in 2013, the conference and events hall features many of the collection’s large objects. A pressing need for suitable venues for corporate activity in Christchurch after the 2010/2011 earthquakes saw the Air Force Museum Trust Board partnered with Vbase to help market the city, using our new building to meet the demand.
Burden adds, “Things are well and truly headed in the right direction. Well, better in fact, as Christchurch will be a wonderfully-planned city when it’s finished.”

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