Print NZ has commenced the sale of Gala Dinner tickets for the special 30th edition of Pride In Print Awards. The event will take place on Friday, June 23, 2023, at the Cordis Hotel in Auckland. 

Established in 1993 to promote excellence in print in New Zealand, the Pride In Print Awards have been a pinnacle of recognition year after year for the best visual print communication products produced in New Zealand. 

They embody a culture of excellence aimed at meeting and exceeding the customer’s needs and continuously pushing boundaries.

Print NZ received nearly 500 entries. The judging is based on technical excellence in all facets of the production process, typography and good design, allowing specialists to judge based on the potential and the limits of techniques and the materials and equipment used.

Print NZ chief executive Ruth Cobb said, “Preparations for the big event are underway. We have our fingers crossed that we will not have any further disruptions and that nothing new will appear between now and then. We are looking for a full house at the Cordis Hotel in Auckland and the pleasure that it brings to see everyone in their finery, having a fabulous night.

“We also use the glamour of this special occasion to celebrate not just the work that our industry produces but also the people that produce it. One of the highlights of my role is seeing our Apprentice of the Year category winners on stage, and one of them being named the Print Apprentice of the Year. It is such a special moment for them all to have their achievements recognised in front of a significant representation of the industry.

“We also recognise the Trainer of the Year and Training Company of the Year and the enormous effort they put into training and ensuring that our industry has the skilled workforce it needs.

“I encourage you all to attend this event whether you have entries or not. We are all there to celebrate the incredibly diverse, innovative, and award-winning work our industry prints in New Zealand.

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