GEW has recently launched its latest innovation for sheetfed offset printing, the LeoLED UV curing system.
Peter Sage, managing director at GEW distributor Pressology, says, “LeoLED is positioned to transform the economics of UV for commercial printers by being faster, greener and cheaper than any other comparable system currently on the market.
“LeoLED represents the next generation for LED UV curing and is set to have a significant impact in this highly competitive market. LeoLED technology has been redesigned and refined for simplicity and offers excellent value, while at the same time delivering maximum power and dose of UV energy. As a result, there has never been a better time for printers to refresh their offset press with an LED UV curing system.
“With LED, you can print on plastics, films and other difficult substrates. The instant drying achieves sharper dots and more vibrant colours, particularly on uncoated papers. It eliminates the need for spray powder or sealers and cuts out the problem of marking and scratching. Sheets come off the press immediately ready for finishing, enabling LED printers a competitive edge by being able to offer faster job turnarounds. Post-press space requirements are also greatly reduced.
“The compact profile of the LeoLED lamp head enables it to be easily retrofitted to almost any offset press. The leading-edge design brings several new benefits: the 50mm width window gives a long dwell time and is waterproof sealed for easy cleaning; it is resilient to dust and ink ingress; the LED array delivers electrical power at 88W/cm and an intensity of 25W/cm2, with minimal light loss due to the direct UV path; and a water-cooling system gives LeoLED the ultimate operating capability and reliability in its class.”
LeoLED can also be configured in a modular lamp array, a customisable arrangement of LED mounting positions on a press. Lamps can be freely moved between any position to change curing configuration and adapt to the job at hand. For highly demanding applications, such as B1 LED coating at 18,000sph, multiple lamps can be placed in tandem at the end of the press. He says, “This modular LeoLED configuration offers the ultimate in flexibility and enables GEW to deliver the highest energy dose in the market, at the best value.
“The new lamp head is built to GEW’s usual exacting standards, using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, for robust performance and reliability. When in operation, continuous remote monitoring of the lamp and LED characteristics ensures reliable operation and fast technical support. LeoLED diodes are designed to run over 20,000 hours and GEW offers the longest LED warranty available: up to three years, irrespective of running hours.”

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