Fuji Xerox New Zealand has confirmed that managing driector Gavin Pollard has left the organisation.

Pollard held the managing director role for two years and had worked as general manager of sales for the three years prior to that.

The company has yet to appoint a successor to Pollard. In the meantime, Isamu Sekine, president and chief execiutive of Fuji Xerox Asia PAcific, will assume the role of interim managing director.

Recently, Isamu Sekine visited New Zealand and Australia with Hiroshi Kurihara, president and representative director of Fuji Xerox, to meet with employees and reaffirm the parent company’s commitment to Fuji Xerox New Zealand and the New Zealand market.

Kurihara said, “Fuji Xerox’s commitment to the New Zealand market remains strong. I am confident Fuji Xerox New Zealand is well positioned at the forefront of the document management industry and remains a valued partner to our many customers.”

The company has introduced countermeasures since the Independent Investigation Committee set up by Fujifilm Holdings Corporation identified inappropriate accounting practices at Fuji Xerox New Zealand as well as Fuji Xerox Australia. The Committee also highlighted the need to strengthen Fuji Xerox’s corporate governance.

He said, “I’d like to re-emphasise that Fuji Xerox and our affiliates take the committee’s findings very seriously and is absolutely committed to resolving past issues and ensuring that there is no recurrence.”

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