Finishing manufacturer Polar will showcase its automated LabelSystem DC-11plus at the upcoming Labelexpo Europe.

The system has a claimed capacity of up to 1440 label packs per hour. Polar claims the die-cutting system sets the benchmark in wet-glue label production. The exhibit marks Polar’s first presentation with its cooperation partner Gallus.

Designed for the automated inline production of banded die-cut labels, the system uses a menu-driven setup, offering job changeover in 15 minutes.

Its one punch register needs one single package to correctly adjust the cutting die to the printed image. It ensures precise die-cutting precision by locking the material in position. The operator can make all settings on the system without tools.

Polar describes the production process as follows: the printed sheets are positioned on the automatic jogger, with edges aligned edges. The jogger has an integrated counting scale which ensures uniform cutting reams. The Polar high-speed cutter trims the ream on all four sides before it cuts the material into strips. The automatic cutting machine, the Polar Autocut 25plus, takes these strips and cuts two of them, each, into single label stacks.

An automatic label feeding system separates the two label stacks, transporting them individually into the system die-cutter. After that the punching stamp pushes the stack through the cutting die, where the stack is given its intended shape. After die-cutting, the label packs are automatically carried onto the single-head bander and banded together. The ultrasonic welding unit in the BD machine does not require preheating.

The company says the system suits all common label papers and other materials such as plastic cards.

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