This month, print industry members have a chance to show their support for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation at the PrintNZ Pink Ribbon Breakfast.

Co-sponsored by BJ Ball, the event takes place at Sorrento Restaurant on One Tree Hill in Auckland on Wednesday February 22. It starts at 7.30am and will finish around 9am. Ruth Cobb, general manager for PrintNZ says the Pink Ribbon Breakfast  events welcome men and women. She says, “We appreciate the support form all members of the industry community.  Money raised from our Pink Ribbon Breakfast will fund research projects and medical grants to help improve the survival rate of breast cancer in New Zealand.”

Everyone who attends can get further into the spirit of the event by wearing something pink. As with previous breakfasts, the organisers will run raffles and sell merchandise to raise even more funds for breast cancer research. The event also gives industry members an opportunity to catch up with each other close to the beginning of the year. Cobb adds, “It is a great way to start the day and to contribute to a worthy cause.”

Anyone interested in going can click here for more information. Or register by emailing

What:        Pink Breakfast
Where:      Sorrento in the Park, One Tree Hill, Auckland
When:       7.30am Wednesday February 22

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