UV curing systems manufacturer GEW has issued a warning on potential patent infringements.

The company says it has recently become aware that, without consent, another company, has produced a UV curing unit that uses GEW’s patented technology. GEW says the purchase, import or use of the HGUV curing unit (or a printing press on which it has been installed) within any of the territories covered by GEW’s patents is highly likely to infringe GEW’s patent rights. It takes any potential infringement of its intellectual property seriously and it will actively investigate breaches of its patents and will file claims if infringements are identified.

Malcolm Rae, the company’s managing director, says, “We have an obligation to defend our intellectual property when we believe it has been infringed. Today’s clarification is a necessary measure to defend our valuable assets and expertise that our customers rely on for industry-leading UV curing technology. The message to our clients and the industry is, GEW will continue doing what we’ve always done best: develop robust innovative solutions to improve performance, efficiency and reliability of UV curing equipment. GEW will continue to offer unique solutions for the global benefit of businesses in the printing industry.

“At GEW, innovation has been the driving force ever since the company started over 25 years ago as a small enterprise in Surrey. We have invested significant resources in product design and our manufacturing facility, and the ability to create exciting new technologies has made GEW a front-runner in our industry.”

GEW says its proprietary technology is protected by intellectual property rights in a number of countries around the world, including the UK, USA and in Europe. In particular, GEW owns UK, European, and US patents that protect technology embodied in its E2C UV curing unit. The E2C unit uses a system of actively air-cooled shutter technology for narrow web presses. As the owner of these patents, GEW says it has the exclusive right to use and supply this technology in the territories covered by those patents.

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