Among its PacPrint solutions, Böttcher Systems focused on flexible and carton packaging printing applications, displaying its latest solutions between rollers and printing plates.

Mitch Mulligan, managing director at Böttcher says, “We know that the flexible packaging industry is growing and rising. We now have direct-laser engraved printing plates, the BöttcherTop 746 for flexo packaging printing, and that has given a new level of quality to that industry. That is to bring about the next level of quality from what used to be exposed plates. There are no gaps, meaning you get a perfect image, with less waste and more productivity.

“For sheetfed, which is a mature market segment, we have IPA free printing. There are also a lot of inline coating applications available there. We have solutions that allow printers to take their presses to the next level, all IPA free.”

Explaining how Bottcher can tailor-make solutions for individual printers, Mulligan explains, “For instance CMYKhub is a huge trade printer which runs Komori and Ryobi presses in its sites. We are talking about UV LED, which is the hottest topic for commercial and trade printing.

“What we have on display is a package which enabled the company to run consistently as an organisation. We had the right roller compound, fountain solutions and blankets which stabilised the whole process.

“We are a one-stop shop solution.”

Aimed at carton printing, specifically for short-runs, lots of colour changes, and special colours, the company has developed a new system of compounds under the banner of easy-clean systems or ECS Systems. Mulligan says, “We showcased those, including a neon green roller. It is a smooth, homogenous surface which enables fast colour changes, meaning you can wash up from a cyan into a yellow with no residue. This means more uptime, changing job after job, with faster throughput, and less wash up. It is a win, win win.

“Also in the carton segment, we have coating plates for finishing work which enable printers to strip out patterns and put spot coating on the printed products, BöttcherTop 1001. It is an evolution of the technology, which allows for much finer detail, which they could not before. It is a highly specialised, polyester backed, special coating, high bond which is stripped right down.

“Everything we displayed at PacPrint is currently on the market, being used, and available.”

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