For the second time this year, packaging professionals headed to Visy Recycling in Onehunga to attend the in-demand ‘Introduction to Sustainable Packaging Design’ training course.

Course attendees comprised 40 Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) New Zealand members and industry colleagues.

Nerida Kelton, executive director at AIP, says, “This in demand course includes a detailed and interactive tour of the Materials Recycling Facility and is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the current environmental issues that are impacting the producers of packaging and the manufacturers and retailers of packaged product.

“Participants walked away with an understanding of sustainable packaging design and the practical design guidelines and approaches required including End of Life (EoL) thinking.”

She says that, owing to popular demand, AIP has over the last six months, run the course, and modified workshop and seminar versions, multiple times across Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and the Philippines.

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